Weston Beef Vending Machine

 For over thirty years we've been nurturing our herd of beef shorthorn suckler cows that live an idyllic life in the permanent pasture and herbal leys that surrounds Weston. The premium beef has previously only been available to wholesale customers and via The Ethical Butcher but we are now very proud to be able to sell the meat directly to the customer via our frozen meat vending machine in Weston. This is one the first machines of it's kind in the UK and we're really excited to see it working in action.


Our cows are fed on a strict grass only diet (certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association) which results in a higher meat quality with a perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Enjoying our meat is also guilt-free as you know the animals are part of a regenerative agriculture system that helps sequester carbon through improved soil health.  

The vending machine is open 24/7 and located next to the Farm Office at Darnalls Hall, Weston, Hitchin SG4 7AL. Please share your experiences of eating the highest quality, local produce you will find in Hertfordshire!  

Mob-Grazing a herbal ley
Weston Sirloin Steaks