Pastured Broilers

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Weston Park Farms farms uses the principles of regenerative agriculture

We have recently started on an exciting new venture into pasture raised poultry with the aim to produce nutritious, high quality whole chickens whilst regenerating our soil and natural ecosystems.
We believe good chicken is a special product, yet the more we learnt about how the average chicken is produced and the impact these industrial systems have on the surrounding environment, human health, and the welfare of the bird the more concerned we became. We wanted to prove for ourselves that chicken could be produced in a healthier more environmentally conscious way, so we decided to grow our own.

We have been raising 100 broiler chicks since June. Being new to poultry production it has been an incredible learning experience that has resulted in a quality batch of chickens that we are eager to offer to our local community.

Our whole chickens will come dressed with an eight day shelf life and will typically feeds 4-5 people.
Collection will be available from Darnalls Hall Farm, SG4 7AL (Google Maps) between 12am – 6pm on Wednesday 17th August. 

We can also offer free delivery within a 3 mile radius of Weston.

Explanation of our system…
We have chosen to implement American farmer Joel Salatin's pioneering pastured poultry model. The idea of this system is to have mobile fox proof pens that can be moved onto a fresh piece of pasture every day. In doing this we are constantly providing the birds fresh grass to eat and rest upon whilst fertilizing the soil with their nitrogen rich manure. Rotating the chickens in this way improves the overall health of the soil which will increase grass growth, wildlife habitat and the health of the wider natural ecosystem.
Happy, healthy birds…
Not only does it regenerate our land, but it also creates happier chickens! They are allowed to express their natural behaviours such as scratching about in the soil and sunbathing. Furthermore, moving them off their own manure every day keeps them clean meaning we do not need to use routine antibiotics or other medication.  

Our chickens are only fed pellets that are free from soya and genetically modified crops and have access to plenty of grass and insects to supplement their diet. 

Slower grow…
Most UK chickens will be a species called Cornish cross, specifically bred to reach market weight as quickly as possible and will be ready to harvest at six weeks old. This may make good business sense however it is not good for the health of the chickens. We have chosen a slower growing species of meat bird that we will grow to at least ten weeks old, this improves the quality of life for the bird and creates a richer tasting meat.

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