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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture Raised Chickens Layers.jpg

Buy our fresh eggs from the honesty box at Darnalls Hall Farm

Our system…

Pasture raised eggs put simply are eggs that have been laid by hens who are free to range on natural grassland. This is similar to a free-range system, however unlike free range systems we take our management one step further to improve both the quality of life for the bird and the surrounding natural ecosystem. We move our chickens onto a new section of pasture every two to three days to provide our birds with fresh, unspoiled grass and forage.


Better for our birds…

Like all animals, chickens will leave a good amount of faeces in the area they are kept. Once an area has been spoiled upon the chickens will no longer eat grass from it. Therefore, moving them regularly ensures our birds have constant access to their natural forage – insects, grass and herbs – and are not forced to live on top of their own muck!


Better for our wildlife and land…

Chicken poo is amazing… no, really it is! It is naturally full of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium making it an incredible soil fertilizer. Through strategically rotating our flock around an area of land we are spreading this fertilizer evenly across the whole field, increasing the health of the soil and improving grass growth. More grass growth means more habitat for wildlife and increased carbon dioxide drawdown out of the atmosphere, ultimately producing

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