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Weston Park Farms aims to produce nutritious  crops and healthy livestock using regenerative agriculture methods, encourage biodiversity on the land and create opportunities with a diverse range of enterprises.  

Weston Park Farms hosts the annual Groundswell Regenerative Agriculture Festival that takes place over two days in late June.

Groundswell’s mission is to disseminate information on soil health steering discussion towards finding practical solutions to producing nutritious food whilst increasing soil organic matter and biodiversity.

Farm Principles

At Weston Park Farms we endeavour to operate a regenerative agriculture system. Some of the methods we use to achieve this include:

No-tillage​, Herbal Leys, Cover Crops, No insecticides. Read more here

Pasture Raised Eggs and Weston Honey for Sale

Please enquire at the farm office.

Pasture Raised Chickens Layers.jpg
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